FAMA - Międzynarodowy kampus artystyczny
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FAMA is the greatest interdisciplinary event presenting young art and culture.

We would like to make it easier for You to confront other young artists from Poland and abroad.

But above all this we wish to invite You to Świnoujście to experience this extraordinary event Yourself.



FAMA is open to any form of artistic expression and creation. Once You become a participant You are free to involve any spontaneous artistic event in the program.

It gives You the opportunity to bring into life the ideas that were born in Your head just yesterday!



40 years of FAMA's history were marked by the presence of artistic individuals such as: Magda Umer, Marek Grechuta, Agnieszka Duczmal, Jan Sawka, Jacek Kleyff, Krzysztof Knittel, Olga Lipińska, Renata Przemyk, Maciej Stuhr, Wojciech Kościelniak, Sambor Dudziński, zespół Raz Dwa Trzy, Teatr Ósmego Dnia, Salon Niezależnych, Kabaret Potem.






Former participants of FAMA are now winning Poland's most important contests, festivals and and cultural events.





The main objective of the festival is to present the most talented young artists and to give them the opportunity to perfect their artistic skills. FAMA is always concluded with the Final Concert and the ceremony of giving the awards.




FAMA includes the following activities: realizing premiere projects during the festival, running a series of workshops in particular artistic fields, presenting stars and renowned artists representing Polish and foreign art.





Thanks to the interdisciplinary character of the festival our guests and participants represent all possible fields of art. They include: music bands, singers and musicians, dj's and vj's, painters, happening and performance artists, dancers, comedians, actors, cinematographers, photographers, writers.




AMPHITHEATER – stars' performances, Final Concerts

OUTDOOR STAGE – concerts, performances, happenings

MUNICIPAL CULTURE CENTER – concerts, performances, film shows, exhibitions, performance art, multimedia shows

JAZZ CLUB „CENTRALA” – concerts and other music events, jam sessions, stand-up shows, club nights, literary presentations, exhibitions of photography, film shows

OPEN AIR STAGES AND THE BEACH – street parades, happenings, performances, concerts

THE NORTHERN HALL – theater performances, multimedia events, concerts